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About Us

Together, we define your requirements  |  As your dynamic duo, we design, develop and deliver your bespoke training solution.

The Dynamic Duo

Watch our intro video 

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Our Mission:

To inspire, nurture, develop & empower you, your people & your business 

Lisa Riches,

Insights Accredited Licensed Practitioner (over 15 yrs)

Chantell Riches 1 b&w.jpg

Chantell Riches,

Operations Manager

We work closely with businesses across the globe to design and create interactive and engaging learning solutions. These come in various forms such as 1-2-1, group, facilitated, virtual and digital and e-learning.


We're an innovative duo with a passion to develop and nurture your people to make a tangible difference in the workplace. 

As life-long advocates of personal development, we are fortunate enough to work in a field that we are passionate about.

With over 40 years of combined experience, we utilise our skills to help you, your people and your business to reach defined goals and achieve successful results. 


We are experienced in working across many industries, including Education, Healthcare, Banking & Finance, Legal & Retail, Optical, and Pharmacy, to name but a few and on subjects such as Leadership, Management, Coaching, Team Effectiveness, Insights Discovery, Compliance and many others.

Wouldn't you like to understand more about yourself and your team, communicate more effectively, get the best out of your team and improve employee engagement and motivation?

We do this using the psychometric tool - Insights!

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