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Insights Discovery

Insights for your people, breakthroughs for your business

If you'd like to understand more about yourself and your people, communicate more effectively, get the best out of your team and improve employee engagement, motivation and retention, take advantage of our Insights Discovery profiles. 

Insights Discovery is our transformational experience for learners all over the world. This fantastic tool is hugely popular within businesses and can be used for individual performance development or wider team development.


It brings psychology to life in an accessible, practical model that shows people how understanding themselves better, can make a positive difference in the workplace and even in their personal lives.


Based on four colours, Insights Discovery helps individuals learn more about their preferred behaviours, the strengths they bring, any development areas, the challenges they’re likely to face, and so much more insight into themselves.

This is an extremely flexible tool that can be utilised in a variety of ways depending on your requirements/objectives.

Insights Discovery is a psychometric tool based on Jungian psychology.


Insights Discovery uses a four-colour model to highlight key personality preferences and associated behaviours.

Case Studies

See what our customers say below.

  • Better self-awareness

  • Improved self-understanding 

  • Effectual collaboration 

  • Understanding strengths 

  • Identifying weaknesses & blind spots

  • Understanding workstyles of self & others

  • Better productivity

  • Stronger communication 

  • Safe space to provide and receive feedback

  • Increased drive and success

  • Healthier connections with colleagues across cultural, geographical or any other potential boundaries




  • Anybody who wants to develop themself - individuals, leaders; whether you work within a team, or lead one; whether you’re virtual or office-based

Who it's for

Who it benefits



Examples of who this benefits:

  • Individuals who want to develop themselves and their careers

  • Leaders who wish to effectively drive, motivate and inspire their teams

  • Teams who want to build effective communication and positive collaborations

  • Customer-facing teams who want better, more effective and positive interactions with their customers/clients 

  • Overall businesses that need to support and encourage their people to overcome adversity and build resilience

  • Overall businesses that wish to implement their preferred culture, values, mission and vision

  • And many others!


Case Study

It became evident that communication in my team was lacking. There were frequent misunderstandings, the team were not open with each other, and did not share information. It meant they were duplicating work and I was having to have the same conversations over and over.


Case Study

The results of our annual employee survey were disappointing and gave me a serious wake up call in order to address how my team were feeling. Lisa took the time to really gauge the business's challenges and ran through a variety of options we could use to improve staff morale, trust and communication.


Case Study

As a Manager I struggled with several issues in my team and wasn't sure what to do. This is what was happening:


  • Actions were not being followed through by team members who were entrusted to do so

  • Unhealthy climate – conflict – disharmony

  • Micromanaging people or projects


Case Study

Since the pandemic I have a hybrid team. With some team members still working remotely whilst others are in the office, it has resulted in:


  • a division between remote and office team members 

  • the team being unclear in the decision making processes

  • frequently not involving the appropriate people in conversations

  • poor knowledge sharing

  • breakdowns in the process


Case Study

I am a CEO to a start-up company. 

My leadership team were not performing the way I expected and I needed to take action because:


  • team members were deviating from organisational processes

  • attitudes could become volatile

  • problems and issues are kept quiet

  • team members were being disrespectful of each other and the organisation.


Case Study

My promotion to Operation Manager meant I inherited a team with some challenges, such as:


  • team members not working well together

  • a lack of team goals and shared purpose

  • a lack of commitment from the team

  • communication was infrequent and ineffective

  • individuals were being pulled into projects by other teams

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